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Best Indian Restaurant & Takeaway in Queen Street, Wells

Local Indian Restaurant & Takeaway in Queen Street, Wells BA5 serving near Coxley, Yarley, Wookey, Dulcote & Worminster BA4

Warm and hearty greetings from Rajah Spice Tandoori, one of the finest Indian restaurants and takeaway in Wells.

If it is Indian food you that prefer, you must already have the expectations for a rich flavour profile, certain consistency and structure, and a plethora of colours. Or maybe you are just exploring new territories, which is unlikely, as in the UK we are immersed in the taste of Indian curries for decades by now! Either way, we, at Rajah Spice Tandoori of Wells can ensure you already that you are going to enjoy a scrumptious meal. All you have to do is just place an order from the online ordering option of our website. We consider ourselves lucky to be able to provide one of the best Indian takeaways in Wells! It is not an easy job, but it has been our passion to provide quality Indian takeaway service in Bath. So, we take it seriously to provide quality service. Please note that we provide our Indian takeaway service online to Woodbury, South Horrington, Dinder, Dulcote, Wookey, Upper Milton, Coxley, and Worminster.


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Time is a big luxury nowadays everywhere, especially when it comes to making and eating food. That is where technology has come with the blessing of the online ordering feature! In Rajah Spice Tandoori, Bath, we highly respect the value of time of each of our customers. That is why we offer a prompt online order processing service. So, when you order Indian food online from our website, we do our best to serve the order right on mentioned time. So, you can enjoy your meal without worries of delay. We also serve our food in such packaging that it stays as fresh as the dine-in meal. So, you get to eat the restaurant-grade meal in the comfort of your own space!

The charm of Indian food is in its aroma, flavour and colours. We try to keep those intact as much as possible for online orders. The spices used for preparing food in our restaurant are procured with caution, stored with care, applied with precision. We give our heart and soul to preparing every dish. Authenticity is an important concern for us. We do not want to serve some westernized version of Indian food, but the actual taste that has been curated by the people of India for centuries! And now the people of the west get to taste the same historically significant flavours from the comfort of their home. There are mild dishes, there are dishes that are spiced in moderation, and then there are very spicy dishes. In a way, you get to experience not only delicious food but also celebrate different cultures continents away from where you’re eating! And nothing beats that amazing feeling of inclusiveness! So, order your favourite meal from our website. You can also provide your special requests or suggestion regarding your order, and we will try our best to comply with those. Better yet, stop by for a visit and a bite at 5A Queen Street, Wells, Bath BA5 2DP.

Let’s face it, satisfying the guttural craving has been one of the primal urges that date way back in the time of human history! Even the visual representation of it gives our system a positive vibe. That is why one can shake the momentary feelings of negativity off with a glimpse of alluring food. And when it comes to Indian cuisine, it feels even better! You always are welcome to visit the gallery of our restaurant website! You will find visually delicious images of Indian food. Bursting with colours of joy and taste, the pictures in the gallery section of the website will take you through a tasteful visual journey.

There are times in our lives when we like to go out and sit with a plate of a tasty meal and have a good time. If you are looking for a cosy Indian restaurant in Bath, look no further. We are happy to provide you with that amenity as well. We try to provide the best restaurant experience in Wells. In our restaurant, you can dine in and order your most favourite Indian dishes and enjoy. You can book your table beforehand from the online reservation service from the website or ChefOnline online ordering portal. Booking a table beforehand makes your eating experience much easier.

For further information, you can always contact us. Our contact information is provided in the Contact section on the website. Let us know your feedback and we always welcome your valuable suggestions.